Metrology of 138 Ba+ clock transition magic frequency

January 12, 2024, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM


Seminar Room 31, 2nd Floor, Main Academic Building, IISER Pune


Dr. Sapam Ranjita Chanu


Precision measurements using atoms, ions, and molecules play a crucial role in development of metrology and fundamental physics studies, confirming theoretical predictions, and developing advanced technologies such as optical atomic clocks. Second-generation quantum devices rely on physics principles such as AC Stark shifts, rabi frequency, the magnetic Zeeman effect, etc and various technologies individual control of atoms, laser cooling, single photon detections. With this knowledge, I will discuss one specific example of precision measurement, i.e., the magic frequency of the 138Ba+ clock transition S1/2 -D5/2 state using a single ion. The choice of this transition and the experimental implementation of essential laser systems for achieving highly accurate magic frequency, which minimize systematic effects that could introduce uncertainties in the measurement will discuss. Our experimental technique has successfully provided measurements of the magic frequency with a precision that exceeds the previously predicted theoretical value by a factor of 103. This improvement offers an exciting opportunity for theoreticians to conduct more thorough studies and refine theoretical models to better understand the underlying physics of the system. By achieving such precise measurements, scientists can further validate theoretical predictions, explore fundamental physics, and enhance the development of advanced technologies that rely on the precise control and manipulation of atomic and ionic systems.