Quantum Materials and Devices

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Quantum materials defy the conventional laws of classical physics and exhibit extraordinary properties rooted in quantum mechanics. Research at the frontiers of physics, materials science, and engineering has meant that these exotic materials are now poised to deliver key technological advancements ranging from faster computers to fault-tolerant quantum computing and improved quantum sensors. If you are a curious student, or a professional with a college-level understanding of physical science or engineering, this online certification course is your gateway to understanding quantum materials and their technological applications.

Course mentors

  • Dr. Ashish Arora

    Dr. Ashish Arora
    Assistant Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

  • Dr. Ashna Bajpai

    Dr. Ashna Bajpai
    Associate Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

  • Dr. Atikur Rahman

    Dr. Atikur Rahman
    Associate Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

  • Dr. Luminita Harnagea

    Dr. Luminita Harnagea
    Faculty Fellow

  • Dr. Mukul Kabir

    Dr. Mukul Kabir
    Associate Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

  • Dr. Sreejith G. J.

    Dr. Sreejith G. J.
    Associate Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

  • Prof. Surjeet Singh

    Prof. Surjeet Singh
    Professor Physics
    IISER Pune

Registration Starts on 1st August, 2024

Course Starts on 15th August, 2024

Duration 10-14 hours

Registration Fees:

For Students ₹ 1,000/-
(18% GST Extra)

For Professionals ₹ 5,000/-
(18% GST Extra)

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